• An effective contradiction.
    A luxury, electric car packed with power.

  • Driving innovation forward.
    403-horsepower takes the Karma from 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

  • Luxury that's electric.
    Achieve an impressive 54-MPGe.

  • Go further, friendlier.
    Produce impressively low CO2 emissions with a drive range of up to 300 miles.

  • Top-down innovation.
    The world’s largest seamless solar glass roof provides up to 200 miles of emission- and cost- free driving.

  • Preservation and prosperity.
    Reclaimed, recycled, and reusable materials surround the Command Center

  • Refined front to back.
    Each passenger will enjoy environmentally friendly leather and EcoSuede

  • Onward.
    Learn more.

Welcome to Prestige Fisker

Driving off the lot in a brand new, luxury vehicle is a special feeling. Only one manufacturer can combine that feeling with the gratification of doing what's right for the environment at the same time: Fisker Automotive.

At Prestige Fisker we aim to put you in this class of the refined, environmentally friendly elite. We offer the most tantalizing vehicles on the market, delivering a perfect mix of technological advancements with repurposed materials. For more information on all the advantages we have to offer please explore our popular Karma model and new Atlantic model.

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Download this PDF to your computer, tablet, or other device to have access to all of the Fisker Karma's specs anytime. Please, save a tree and do not print it out.

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Build Your Own

Customize the exterior color with Standard, Premium, or Diamond Dust paint. Perfectly paired the Karma's earth-friendly wood grain accents with leather or EcoSuede seating.

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It is time to make the switch to a smarter vehicle. Find out firsthand what makes Fisker vehicles superior.

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